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Adult Family Care: Required for an establishment that provides room, board and personal care, on a 24-hour basis, for three to eleven adults, who are 55 years of age or older, and not relatives of the applicant.

Ambulance: Required for any specially designed and equipped motor vehicle operated for the purpose of transporting and offering life support services to patients.

Animal Care Facility License: Required to board, breed, train for a fee and provide day care services for animals. It also allows the buying and selling of cats and dogs or the grooming of cats and dogs.

Animal Exhibition - Other Enterprises: Required for public or private animal exhibition whether temporary or permanent with or without profit or gain.

Animals - Humane Society: Required for not-for-profit organizations that provide shelter and welfare services to animals.

Animals - Pet Shop: Required to sell live animals.

Animals - Veterinary Hospital: Required to offer medical care to animals.

Assisted Living Establishment: Required for an assisted living or shared housing establishment where 3 to 16 adults, of whom 80% are 55 years or older, are provided sleeping accommodations and community-based residential care.

Auctioneer: Required to sell real or personal property at public or private auction.

Automatic Amusement Operator: Required for businesses that distribute, place, lease or sell automatic amusement devices with an agreement to maintain, service or supply the devices.

Bed & Breakfast: Bed and Breakfast establishment means any building or structure or portion thereof in which 11 or fewer sleeping rooms are available for rent or for hire for transient occupancy by guests.

Bicycle Messenger: Required for companies that operate bicycle messenger services in the central business district.

Board Up: A Board Up Company means any person who, for direct or indirect compensation, does board-up work or contracts with others to do board-up work or solicits contracts for board-up work.

Body Piercing: Required for businesses that offer the service of making a hole in any part of the human body.

Charter Bus: Required for charter buses that transport passengers for a fee to and from locations within Chicago.

Day Care / Night Care: Required to operate any establishment where three (3) or more children are cared for apart from their parent/guardian. Facility must be re-inspected annually.

Day Labor Agency: Day Labor means labor/employment that is irregular/occasional at which a person is employed for not longer than the time required to complete the assignment for which the person was hired.

Electronic Equipment Repair Shop: Required for businesses that repair or perform operational diagnostics on electronic equipment.

Expediter: The Licensing of Expediters will be required as of January 9, 2009. An expediter is a person who, for compensation, seeks to obtain licenses, permits and certificates for another person.

Explosives: Required to perform blasting operations or any other activity using explosives, and to maintain, sell, use, give away, or transport within the city limits and nearby Lake Michigan Waters. Includes Certificate of Fitness Information.

Filling Station: Required to sell or distribute flammable liquids, such as gasoline, kerosene and liquid petroleum gas.

Food - Mobile: Required to sell food items directly from a vehicle, such as a catering or ice cream truck.

Food - Retail: Required to sell or serve food directly to the public.

Food - Special Event: Required for each merchant at an event not to exceed a two week period, who serves or sells food directly to the public.

Food - Wholesale: Required for businesses that sell food and food ingredients to other businesses.

Food- Retail - Supplement License for Dog Friendly Areas: Required for restaurants or other retail food establishments that hold a current Retail Food Establishment license who wish to allow dogs onto their outdoor dining areas that are accessible from the street such as a sidewalk cafe or an outdoor patio.

General Contractor: Required for companies that perform construction work on buildings within the City of Chicago. This license is administered by the Department of Buildings.

Grooming Facility: Required for the bathing, dipping, combing or cleaning of any animal for the purpose of improving the animal’s appearance.

Guard Dog Services: A Guard Dog Services License is required for the furnishing or leasing of guard dogs for the protection of life or property.

Hazardous Materials Storage: Required to store significant quantities of flammable or hazardous materials, liquid or gas.

Heliport: Required for areas on land, water, or upon a structure set aside and used for the landing and take-off of rotary wing aircraft.

Home Based Business: Required to operate a business from a residence.

Home Repair: Required for any business that offers to fix, alter, convert, or improve any 1-6 unit residential property.

Hospital: Required for any facility defined under the Illinois Hospital Licensing Act.

Hotel: Required for establishments in which seven or more sleeping accommodations are offered for rent.

Indoor Special Event License - Class A: Required if the premises do not have a Public Place of Amusement license and the event offers: any temporary amusement events that are open to the public on a limited

basis. This license authorizes 30 events per year.

Indoor Special Event License - Class B: Required if the premise does not have a Public Place of Amusement license and the event offers: any temporary amusement events that are open to the public on a limited basis. This is a "per- event" license and authorizes up to 6, 3-day events per year.

Itinerant Merchant: Required for merchandise sales and service businesses that do not own or rent space in the city.

Junk Facility: Required to buy, collect, receive or store junk and scrap metal.

Junk Peddler: Required to travel from place to place for the purpose of collecting, transporting or disposing of junk.

Laboratory: Required to perform analysis on human specimen for purposes of diagnosis or treatment.

Laundry Service: Required for businesses that provide laundry services by hand or by providing coin operated washing and drying machines.

Limited Business License: Required for general sales, service and office operations / or businesses that do not fall under another license category and are not exempt from City licenses.

Liquor - Beer & Wine, Special Event: Required for each merchant, who is already licensed with a City of Chicago liquor license at a permanent location, who seeks to sell alcoholic beer or wine at an event not to exceed a two week period, directly to the public.

Liquor - Tavern License: Bars, nightclubs, taverns, pubs, and lounges are required to obtain a tavern license to sell and serve alcoholic beverages as the primary source of business.

Liquor - Packaged Goods License: This license is necessary for the retail sale of alcoholic liquor enclosed in the original manufacturer sealed and labeled container. Businesses requiring a packaged goods license include grocery stores, convenient stores, and liquor stores. Businesses that sell packaged goods are not permitted to sell alcohol to be consumed on the premises. Tasting is permitted but must comply with Illinois State regulations (Section 5/6-31 of the Illinois Liquor Control Act).

Liquor - Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity License:Restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, theaters and bowling alleys that would like to sell liquor are required to have a Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity (COP) license. In other words, this license is required for the retail sale of alcohol to be consumed on the premises at a place of business where the sale of alcoholic liquor is incidental or secondary to the primary activity.

Liquor - Conditional Approval: The City recognizes that opening a business is a major financial commitment that involves a large amount of risk. In order to minimize that risk, the City has established a conditional approval process for businesses applying for a Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity License(COP). This process is useful for businesses that are planning for construction of a new facility or significant rehabilitation of an older facility. This process ensures business owners that a liquor license will be issued once the facility is completed.

Liquor- Club License (not-for-profit club): A Club License can only be issued to a not-for-profit corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Illinois, solely for the promotion of some common object other than the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages. Such clubs must have been in active-and-continuous existence for at least three years with a membership roll of more than 50 members.

Liquor - Caterer's License (for caterers located within the City of Chicago): A Caterer’s License allows catering companies or restaurants located within the city limits to cater food and alcoholic beverages off site and within the City of Chicago. "Off Site" catering means the preparation of food at one location for service at another.

Liquor- Caterer's Registration(for caterers located outside the City of Chicago):

A Caterer’s Registration permits caterers or restaurants that are located outside the City of Chicago to cater events with food and alcoholic beverages within the city limits. "Outside Caterer" means a person who performs off site catering by preparing food at a location outside the City of Chicago for service at a location within the city limits.

Liquor - Outdoor Patio: An Outdoor Patio License is required to sell alcoholic liquor in a privately owned outdoor location adjacent to premises licensed as a Tavern, Not-for-Profit Club, or Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity.

Liquor - Late Hour License: Businesses wishing to remain open beyond the legal closing time of 2:00 a.m. may obtain a Late Hour Liquor License. This license is required for the additional privilege to remain open and permit the sale of alcoholic liquor until 4:00 a.m., Monday-Saturday, and until 5:00 a.m. on Sunday. Businesses holding a Tavern, Packaged Goods, or Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity license are permitted to apply for a late hour license.

Liquor - Special Club-Wrigley Rooftop: This type of license is required to sell rooftop admission rights or sell food, beer or wine on rooftops in the Wrigley Field adjacent area described in Chapter 04-388-010. Wrigley Field Special Club licenses are only valid from March-November.

Liquor - Navy Pier Mobile and Navy Pier Fixed: This type of license is required for each outdoor location, structure, or pushcart from which the sale of alcoholic liquor is made within Navy Pier.

Livery: Required for vehicles that transport or provide pre-arranged transportation to the public for a fee.

Long Term Care Facility: Required for any private home, institution, building, residence or any other place that satisfies the definition of a "facility" or "long-term care facility" under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

Manufacturing: Required to transform materials through a mechanical or chemical process into a finished product or a raw material for further manufacturing.

Massage Establishment: Required to operate any business where massage is performed.

Motor Vehicle Repair: Required for businesses that repair motor vehicles, replace or install parts, or estimate vehicle damage.

PPA - Juice Bar: Required for establishments that offer live or recorded music, dancing or music videos to minors and persons under age 21.

PPA - Public Place of Amusement: Required if establishment offers entertainment whether or not a cover charge or admission fee is required for entrance.

Parking Garage: Required to store or park two or more vehicles for a fee. Includes information about Accessory Parking Garages.

Pawnbroker: Required to receive property as security for money or other advances.

Peddler: Required for individuals who travel along the public way selling merchandise or fruits and vegetables directly to the public.

Performing Arts Venue: Required for an establishment that provides live theatrical or other live cultural performances in a venue with a maximum capacity of 500, or a maximum capacity of 1000 if the theater is an incidental use of the building for charitable organizations.

Private Booting: Private Booting means physically installing or removing booting devices or receiving payment for removal of booting devices on motor vehicles.

Public Chauffeur: Required to drive a public passenger vehicle (taxicabs, liveries, medicar, charter buses) for the transportation of passengers for hire.

Raffle: Required for a bonafide religious, charitable, labor, fraternal, educational or veterans organizations which are located within the corporate limits of the City of Chicago, and who hold raffles.

Recycler: Required to collect, temporarily store or process recyclable materials for the purpose of marketing that material for use as a raw material or to re-use as consumer products.

Repossessor License: A repossessor is a person who is in the business of storing, recovering, or locating collateral that is subject to a security agreement. A repossessor may also provide skip tracing services, and recovered collateral transportation.

Residential Real Estate Developer: Required for developers of residential projects

Retail Computer Center: Required for business locations that offer three or more computing workstations held out to the public for a fee.

Scavenger: Required to provide private garbage collection services.

Second Hand Dealer: Required to sell used or secondhand audio/video equipment, computer hardware, articles or jewelry made of precious metals or gems, watches, or coins. Includes information about the Children's Second Hand Dealer License.

Single Room Occupancy: Required to operate a dwelling containing five or more living units for rent by permanent or transient residents.

Street Performer: Required to perform in a public area.

Ticket Broker: Required to sell passenger tickets for commission or to resell tickets to entertainment or other events.

Tire Facility: Required to store or maintain over 100 new or used tires.

Tobacco - Retail: Required for any establishment that sells cigarettes, cigars or other tobacco products.

Tobacco - Sampler: Required for distributing samples of tobacco products, for free or for a nominal fee, at a fixed location.

Tobacco - Vending Business: Required to lease, install or maintain tobacco vending machines.

Tobacco - Vending Machine Owner: Required for owners of cigarette vending machines who also own the establishment where the machine is placed.

Tobacco - Wholesale: Required to manufacture, deliver or sell tobacco products at wholesale. Wholesalers are responsible for obtaining tobacco tax stamps.

Weapons Dealer: Required to sell or repair guns, toy firearms or other deadly weapons.