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Taking Care of Your Paperwork While You Focus on Your Business

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Beginning a busines is a big task to take and at Taylor Made Industries we want you to be successful in your future endeavors. That is why we have formed the Start a Business entity of the company. We want you to succeed and we know the best way to do this is by helping you to start your business correctly. Whether you are a For-Profit or a Not-For-Profit a business must know all the aspects of starting a business.
Provided below is a "To Do" List that will help you get started into know what it will take to get your business started and potentially profitable. Many of the requirements in regards to incorporating, developing your business plan, and more are what Taylor Made Industries can consult or complete for you in a timely manner.
Please check out the For Profit or Not-For-Profit tabs above for the business you are considering to start or got to Pricingfor all cost associated.


_____ 1.

Know what type of business you would like to start and learn all you can about it.

_____ 2.

Appraise your business strengths and weaknesses. Be strict and objective.

_____ 3.

Conduct thorough research of potential customers, your trade or industry, your competition, your licensing and tax requirements, location, and name. (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

_____ 4.

Determine type of business organization (ie. Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation) (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

_____ 5.

Evaluate possible site locations. Check physical condition, suitability, traffic flow, parking, utility requirements, and cost.

_____ 6.

Prepare a comprehensive business plan - include your action timetable. (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

_____ 7.

Decide on your business hours.

_____ 8.

Secure necessary capital. (Bank loans, budget to save, borrow on insurance, etc.)

_____ 9.

Obtain needed facilities, equipment, furnishings, signage, supplies, and stock.


Recruit personnel. Establish job descriptions and training program. (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

____ 11.

Print business cards, stationery, invoice or statement forms. (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

____ 12.

Register name of business (your assumed name) and/or file articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. Publish notice in newspaper. (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

____ 13.

Secure any necessary permits, licenses, or zoning variations. Check with both local and state licensing agencies.(Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

____ 14.

Register your business with the state and obtain a Sales & Use Tax Permit (if applicable). (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

____ 15.

Register for Federal tax number (Form SS-4) and obtain employee tax and withholding information from the IRS. (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)

____ 16.

Establish bank account (separate from personal account). Shop for the bank and services that best suit your needs.

____ 17.

If you intend to hire employees in your business, phone your Department of Economic Security or Workforce Commission.

____ 18.

Phone the IRS for a free "Small Business Tax Kit" at 1-800-829-3676. For information about free Tax Education Workshops, call 1-800-829-1040 or check out the IRS website for this information.

____ 19.

Issue news releases. Publicize your new venture.

____ 20.

Get Minority and or Women Business Certification. (Service Provided by Taylor Made Industries)